Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Adding Extra to Ordinary.

Pic from FB

I met up with two dear Malaysian friends who came for a visit.    They are on a two-week driving holiday, in a car that is forty-seven years old. 

VOLVO 122 

The coastal drive will take them along the Peninsular starting out from Petaling Jaya, Selangor.  At the end of the holiday, they would have covered Port Dickson, Kukup, Tg. Piai, Singapore (where I am), Desaru, Cherating, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bharu, Pulau Banding, Songkhla, Hatyai, Kangar, Penang, Lumut, Teluk Intan and then back home.  I understand that it's one of the things on their bucket list.  

Both of them are now retired, have known each other for about 40 years and will be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary this August.  

Two days ago, we spent a few hours together , squeezing in the latest updates about our families.  The good thing about old friends is that it never gets old.  The friendship stays where it was and we just pick up from there.

Anyway, being with them reminded me of how wonderful it can be to live a simple and ordinary life, if you are with the right person.

Theirs is a story of an extraordinary love.  Their lives are a beacon of hope, for the people who are newly married, that love can last.

I can't help but to wonder, if only for a moment, about how my life veered off to another path.

They asked me if I was happy.  I didn't hesitate.  Yes, I am deliriously happy.  It's not something I've thought about but their question made me realise that I am.  I know it made them happy to hear my reply.

People always wait until it's too late to say what they feel.  I've made an effort never to be that way.  I always tell people when I love them.

Thank you, David and Shashi Netto.  Thank you for the love through the years.  Thank you for everything.  I love both of you very much.


  1. Amazingly well-maintained Volvo 122. Guess the same care and love went into David & Shashi's marriage!

    1. That's clever of you to note. I agree completely!

  2. I love reading about couples who've made themselves a happy marriage, and are still glad to be with each other after many, many years. You are right, they are an inspiration to us all!

    And like Antares, I love their car!!!

    1. Yes, for sure, Pat. There are just a few genuine ones around. I believe it is only when others notice that makes it real.

      Those who advertise it in public are shouting too loudly, methinks! A little bit is nice but overdoing it leaves me with the suspicion that something is amiss.