Sunday, January 06, 2013

Real Happiness

Pic from FB

Shopping used to be fun.  I would buy anything that caught my fancy.  I thought that when I retired and had more time plus being in Singapore, I could spend hours doing what used to give me endless pleasure.

This did not happen.  My life changed and I no longer felt the need to go on a shopping spree.

Stephen used to shake his head at the amount of clothes I had.  He said that I could wear a different outfit over a year without having to repeat a look.  Well, yes, it was true.  

One cupboard of 84 blouses

At the end of my working era, I believe I had over 200 blouses, 8 black pairs of pants and almost all the basic colours of slacks.  Add to this, my skirts (long and short), plus the jackets and formal attire.  Since I stopped work, I've given away some of my clothes.  Maybe I have about 50 per cent now of what I used to have.

I also certainly amassed a huge collection of costume and real jewellery.  These were bought over the years or gifts I received.  At that time, it was never enough and whenever there was a 'good' buy, I'd buy it. I went through phases of pearls, crosses, Peruvian jewellery, precious and semi-precious stones.

A small portion of my stuff

Now, despite giving away quite a bit, I'm still left with so much and yet I only use the same favourites over and over again.

This is precisely why the picture on FB struck a chord in me.  It captured how I feel today.  All the things I bought only brought me temporary happiness.  I used to think that real happiness came from being able to buy anything you see.  I was wrong.

The real happiness comes from time spent with family and friends and doing what I love.

These days I'm doing what I love and it is a good feeling to have worked hard all those years, to have gone through all that and to be where and who I am now.

Yes, it is as simple as that, if you are looking for real happiness.


  1. I've only recently realised the same about myself! In London, this time, we just walked around and looked at stuff, and tried things on, but didn't buy! Not because there weren't bargains to be got - there were - but because I felt I didn't need anything! Nice feeling!

    1. How did we make this journey separately yet reach the same conclusions? Our lives have been lived apart and yet it has parallels that boggles the mind. :)

      Love ya.