Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's back to the ironing board for me!

Pic from Photobucket

Of all the chores at home, I love ironing the most.  There's something about it that gives me instant gratification.  As the creases disappear,  I get a feeling of making something crumpled into an 'almost' perfect piece of art.  Okay, I'm exaggerating!

Stephen loves to iron as well.  Maybe that's not 100% truth but he is fussy about his work shirts and pants.  He likes to have the lines seen and pressed well.  It's ingrained in him to have crease-free uniforms since his army days.  For this reason, he always wants to do it himself.  

I had to twist his arm to let me iron his work clothes.  He's so particular about them.  After letting me audition and allowing me to take over, he's not complained once. 

This makes me happy.  I know it's nothing to shout about.  But it's these small things in our lives that make it different and unique.  


  1. So true and i also love ironing, like the smell of it and the feel of the clothes when I wear them.
    Along with the smell of new mown grass, one of life's little pleasures <3

    1. Yes, of course. So clean and fresh. So rewarding to see the pressed shirts and pants when I'm done.

      And again, YES to the smell of mown grass! :) <3

  2. So happy to hear you passed his audition! Hahahahah!

    Unlike you two, I don't like ironing at all! I do it because I have to: I have so many cotton things, and I love wearing them! I used to have to iron Chuan's shirts when he was working, and every Sunday, you'd find me doing five or six shirts for him. I am so glad that is over!

    1. Thanks. It pleased me to know that I've qualified for the post of Chief Iron Maid(en).

      I didn't like it much before but somehow over the years of ironing school uniform shirts, I've taken to it. Strangely, this happened. Cue the Twilight Zone music now. :)