Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas kind of heart

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I wasn't going to blog anymore because I just didn't have time since arriving to Kuala Lumpur two days ago.  All the pre-written and scheduled ones had been posted until yesterday.

However, today we met up with my cousin, Gareth.  We had not seen him in a really long time. Anyway, we agreed to have tea together and he came with his three sons (Josef, Damon and Bryan).  

They were meeting Stephen for the first time.  They didn't even remember me.  But, as is always the case, especially for us Asians, they only needed to be told that we are all related.  It's enough for them.  No questions asked about how or why or what.  Nice!

The highlight of the entire conversation was when Gareth said that he had bought the boys a PlayStation for Christmas.  BUT instead of making them wait until the 25th of December, he has allowed them to have a go at it already.  His reasoning is simple.  They will only have a week with it if they opened it on Christmas day.  Now they will be able to enjoy it during their holidays.

How cool is that?  

In my mind, this is a clear cut case of opening our hearts.  His, theirs and also mine.  

A heartwarming story, this was for me!

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