Monday, December 03, 2012

The moral of the story is....

A couple of months ago, Stephen and I went to Labrador Park.  Again.

That's Stephen walking way ahead because I usually stop to take pictures of the leaves and the trees or whatever catches my fancy.
Usually, we walk to the end of this boardwalk and then turn left and keep going until we reach Harbour Front. It's a good long walk and a nice one because of the lovely sea breeze and, of course, the amazing view.  In the picture below, you can see a bit of that path, in the foreground.  

I am standing on the right side of the boardwalk now.  It was our third trip there and we decided to explore the other long and winding path.

One of my friends took a 3D view 'walk'
through Labrador Park (after he saw my posting on FB)
and Stephen was captured at that moment in the picture.

Here are more pictures taken from the 'right' path
 while looking at the 'left' path

That's a glimpse of Stephen on the far right!

Again, that's Stephen on the far left,
always ahead and leading!

Then he saw this!  He got excited.  I got curious!  Casemate!!!!  Tunnels!!!!!  Uphill????  Wei, I have to see this!

So we headed that way.  Here we go.....

The first flight of steps.
 He checks to see if I'm right behind him.

Second flight - I'm going to catch you!

Third flight - no problem.  I'm doing okay.

Fourth flight - Where'd he go??

Fifth flight - Oh, there he is!!!!

6th level is flat - Praise the Lord!
I'm huffing and puffing by now.

Stopped to admire the patterns on the pathway.
(and to catch my breath)

7th flight - Not steep but my knees, oh, my knees!!!!
Where's Stephen?
He's so fit that 7 flights are nothing to him.

8th flight downhill - Whoa!  Happy me!

And we're on top of the hill and it's a gentle gradient now,
that is good for the heart to return to it's normal beat.
Stephen in the far end of the road (not very clear).

One of the secret tunnels (now sealed) seen along the way down.

At the casemate, the canon is almost completely hidden from view by the trees.  Stephen is having a look at the beach.

And, of course, one big smile for the camera!
Yup, that's sweat!  It was hard work getting up those steps.
We had a tough workout but we made it.

When I saw this picture (below) on Facebook, I remembered my climb at Labrador Park to see the Casement Tunnel.
Pic from Facebook.

And the moral of the story is ....

You enjoy what you work for       :-)


  1. Lita, thoroughly delighted to know that you are so happy. Do let me know if you are coming up our way. A Blessed Christmas to you, Stephen and Jared.

    1. Yes, Zorro. It's wonderful to be able to spend time doing what I love and with whom I love. I'll catch up when I can. Love to you and all at your home. A blessed and Merry Christmas, too, in case I don't see you by then.