Saturday, December 22, 2012

The little things

Pic from FB

It's hard to remember this when everyone gets caught up in the Christmas rush.  It's hard not feeling swept away by it all.

Last night, around midnight, I was in an aircraft between Malaysia and Singapore.  It was a beautiful night and all the lights made a spectacular panorama of colours.  I still get excited to see the beauty of it all.

With Stephen beside me, holding my hand, it seemed like a near perfect moment, up in the sky, feeling safe and loved.

Then we landed and headed for food.  As we sat down with our meal at about 1.00 am in Changi Airport, talking and going over the highlights of our short break in Kuala Lumpur, I realised that these are the little things that I enjoy.  

That quiet moment, when most of Singapore is probably asleep, and we are together and looking out for each other.  

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