Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas Traditions

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I know that many families have their Christmas traditions.  I just realised that I don't follow any.  I think that I abandoned all these traditions, a long time ago, without even thinking too hard about them.

As a child, we grew up following certain things and if we didn't do them, we'd be breaking the customs adopted and adapted by our elders.  Somehow, I didn't get entangled in any of these.  I found them to be unnecessary and more to do with rituals that have no meaning.

After all, I figure that we shouldn't be slaves to any traditions.  We should do whatever works best at that time or for that moment.

This week, two people said this to me, "Go with the flow".  I like that.  It's how I have lived my life.  It's also how I've always celebrated Christmas. 

I'm not bound by any tradition except to be happy and to enjoy each day.

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