Saturday, December 01, 2012


Pic from Facebook

The Christmas month is here.  I used to dread this month.  No, not because Christmas was around the corner but because the moment December came by, I would have to start with the Christmas decorations for our Malaysian home.  It was always a tiring chore because I'd work all day and then come home to have a quick dinner and then start with the second round of work.  Albeit a more pleasant one than office work, but back-breaking, all the same.  Then when the weekend rolled by, I'd be on it full-steam to make good use of the time.  It usually took me a good two-weeks to get everything out and up and then it would be just tweaking everything until the eve.  Then I would be done! That was the old me!

The new me had the Singapore home all ready for Christmas before mid-November because my girls were coming for a visit.  I wanted them to have the Christmas spirit.  So I started early and I was given the 'stamp of approval' by my boss, Stephen. 

Some neighbours dropped by and said that everything is lovely.  I think Christmas makes everybody kinder.  :)

It's the first time ever that I have been ready for Christmas so early.  My brother would usually call me to tell me when his tree was up.  My then colleague used to say that her tree and whole house was done by 1 November.  I used to be so intimidated by them.  Not anymore!  

Hey, it's my first Christmas season without any other hassle.  I'm loving it.

Who's doing the Malaysian home for Christmas?  Well, somebody will do it.  Pssssstt  GG!!!!!!!!  December is already here!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I remember you Malaysian home, all done up for Christmas!!! It was like Santa's elves had worked over-time and got it so perfect! I loved it!

    This year, it is going to be an extra lovely Christmas for me - but, I don't know if it'll involve any house-decorating or not yet ;)

    Have yourself a wonderful Christmas, Lita!

    1. Thank you, darling. Nothing like a real-life person out there to say so. The Christmas in KL was always magical because the decorations helped to feed that feeling. Here in Singapore, so much of the decorations on the streets and in the mall are enough to put me in the mood.