Saturday, December 08, 2012

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Since I came to Singapore, I've cut my hair about 9 times.  From the long hairstyle that I had sported for the least 30 years, I shortened it to just around my shoulder, in March.

In April, I went another half-inch shorter.  In May, another half-inch and in June, another.  Well, you get the picture. 

Finally, I decided to go really, really short or as I told an old friend, I have the "Jane Lee" style (something she would understand).

Until yesterday, friends were still asking me "Why?".

I don't really know why but my answer is usually, "Why not?".

Many think that something happened but really it was just a matter of practicality.

I started walking (exercising) and washing my long hair became a chore.  Cutting it shorter made it easier to manage.  Now it's fuss-free except for a trim every six weeks.

Do I miss my long hair?  Sometimes.  If I want, I can let it grow again.  I doubt that I will.

It was Stephen who encouraged me to do it.  I think he was tired of my lamenting each time I washed my hair.  However, at my age, it's no longer what anybody wants for me, it's more of what I want for myself.

Most people say I look better now.  Younger even!  Of all the adjectives I've heard, I think I like "sassy" best of all.  The dictionary defines that as "boldly smart" or "distinctively smart and stylish".  I like it. 

No regrets.  I like how I look now.


  1. Short and sassy - that's what I thought the moment I saw the new you! And, I've not changed my mind!

    My favourite line here is: 'it's no longer what anybody wants for me, it's more of what I want for myself.' That's a watchword we should have all our lives, but it's harder when we're young, I think. It's my new watchword now, too :D


    1. Thanks, Pat. It's so easy to forget until I think about it. I smiled when I realised that my haircut is a statement. :)