Sunday, December 16, 2012

Grown up Christmas Wish List

From FB (W're all random here)

Ever since a long while, I have wanted to do something for Christmas.  Not for me but for someone or a group that needed it.

We've done acts of charity without advertising it, as should be the case.  Stephen always feels that we should just do what we can and be happy that others will benefit.

But this year, I want to share about what we once did, as it may inspire others out there.

The best thing we've ever done was to organise a KFC Christmas meal for the staff and the 27 children in the Infant Jesus Home in Clementi.  As always, one good deed sets off another and the person who was co-ordinating this with us, offered to sponsor the drinks.  As the age range of the children were from 3 - 18 years of age, I had requested for 'milo' instead of the carbonated drinks.    Hence, the person at KFC volunteered to sort that out.

What we found out later was that one of the children who was from the Home had returned to celebrate her birthday there.  She had bought a cake to share with the people who were the only 'family' she knew.  The surprise was that the Christmas treat became a birthday celebration also.  The co-ordinator informed us of this and, of course, it made us feel blessed to have been able to do it.

That was the year when Stephen and I decided that it's not really  about decorating the house or buying new clothes.  We no longer go all out with spending money on ourselves.  It's about making memories for the needy out there.  Even if it's only one person, it already counts!

Don't look too far!
Just look at your own family circle!
Who could use a little help?
Reach out this year.
It'll make you feel so good!


  1. Absolutely sensible, Lita - and I do hope a real-life visit will happen in 2013! :-) Massive hugs to you & Stephen & all your loved ones <3

    1. Hope is eternal, my dear.

      Sending you a whole bunch of all things good and wonderful. :)